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Smoking-in-the-balcony, question: can the association make it a violation to smoke on your own balcony?wouldn't that violate the smoker's civil rights? answer: restricting smoking is not a violation of a person's civil or constitutional rights.associations have good reason to regulate smoking--it is a health hazard, a fire risk, and a nuisance.associations have broad rule-making authority and can prohibit smoking on .... Smoking in the balcony only. when movie stars sold cigarettes. previous next. part ii. one example of the way tobacco companies and movie theaters worked together is philip morris’s spokesman, “little johnny,” a short-statured bellhop who appeared in trailers before and after movies. a fixture in theaters, he encouraged patrons to return ..., csts home in contrast to theaters for live stage plays, the early photoplay houses permitted smoking in some sections. larger theaters permitted smoking in the balcony only, and the grandest theaters such as new york city’s radio city music hall and the fox chain also offered elegant smoking lounges that featured plush furniture and fireplaces..

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Re: smoking in the balcony :-o was just a joke, of course to much sweets are fattening. i am fortunate and always remained slim - dispite my bars of chocolate..., originally answered: what is california law regarding neighbor smoking on her balcony ? according to ets exposure in the home, california law is silent on smoking in and around residences. some localities have much more restrictive rules, as may some hoas.. Which is why i thought the reaction to the circular was quite unnecessary. my wife and i smoke at the balcony of our apartment, and i can see how that can be an inconvenience to neighbours even though that balcony is pretty much private property., in my opinion, smoking on a balcony that results in smoke entering other balconies or units is prohibited. the act has priority over a condominium bylaw, which cannot permit smoking that....

Just because you smoke doesn't mean you need to be left out in the cold. we have lists of thousands of hotels where smoking is allowed in your room, or you have access to a balcony or patio connected to your hotel room.

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