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Poems-on-kitchen-utensils, bannedforever - this is a great poem, and it's so original. i've never read a poem like it, but you did a great job creating this strange situation. it's very unique. i loved how you went to the blue rose, which was so seperate from the clatter that you described before you talked about the rose.. Utensils - an available palette thickened by air words i hold and so fast lose. a thunder so low an inaudible present its slow cycles..., the kitchen table poem by lureen kithen. brown wooden squeaky oldthe scene is always the same.a mess before dinner spotless after.. page.

Kitchens a home is made of many rooms to rest to sleep to shower to play and read and talk a lot do hobbies by the hour but the kitchen ah the kitchen is a room that ..., in the kitchen poem by penelope shuttle. a jug of waterhas its own lustrous turmoil. page. Cooking poem. when you're cooking in the kitchen, you're learning all the while --to pour and measure, mix and stir and sift flour into a pile. scrub your hands before you start, because i need to remember this. i want to say harder. how we must look to the road that’s gone, to the splayed morning of cold butter and inveterate greed. light comes and goes in the field. oranges in a bowl, garlic, radio. in the story of us, no one wins. when i find my fish on the floor. it ....

Jan 27, 2013 - ~ spice up your kitchen with a funny or a witty quote. ~. see more ideas about kitchen quotes, witty quotes, kitchen wall quotes., this book is a delight for anyone who has ever saved tableware from their family down through generations. i still use serving pieces from my nana's kitchen that she brought from england over 102 years ago & from my bocha who carried her basic kitchen tools in a satchel from poland when she immigrated to america long ago..

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