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Kitchen-utensils-in-mandarin, a measure word (liàngcí 量词 量詞), also known as a classifier or a count word, is used along with numerals to define the quantity of a given object or objects, or with "this"/"that" to identify specific objects.. The last post covered some basics about chinese kitchens, including how tiny they are and vocabulary for your various appliances. well, there’s still a lot more to talk about in the kitchen., introduction & full list part 1: people, animals, plants part 2: size & shape, wrapped items part 3: events, buildings & structures part 4: food. In today's qing wen, the shanghai trio are going food-crazy! we're going to look at a variety of measure words that apply to foods. these include 个, 根, 串 , 块 and 片. how do you talk about a single banana or a bunch of grapes in chinese? listen to this mandarin podcast to find out!, utensil translate: (尤指厨房或家用的)器具,用具. learn more in the cambridge english-chinese simplified dictionary..

A list of measure-words. this list was mostly derived from the cedict database, plus a couple of printed dictionaries and liz scurfield's chinese textbook., learn chinese by yourself has 26,161 members. this groups is dedicated to chinese language and culture. do not post any irrelevant posts.

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