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Hugs-and-kisses-crochet-blanket-tutorial, crochet hugs & kisses baby blanket. a brand new granddaughter is arriving soon, so that means a brand new baby blanket in honour of her. this crochet project features a series of cross stitches and bobbles, or x’s & o’s, so that is how this became the hugs & kisses baby blanket.. i used the new caron baby cakes in dreamy rose for this, but feel free to substitute regular caron cakes or any .... Crochet hugs & kisses starshine blanket. i am very proud to introduce to you the 7th in the hugs & kisses series of patterns, hugs & kisses starshine blanket!! this was very challenging for me to accomplish but i promise you, the pattern is not hard and it’s fun because you change stitches enough to keep your interest., crochet hugs & kisses baby blanket by jeanne steinhilber. hi, crochet lovers! today i found this stunning crochet hugs & kisses baby blanket by jeanne steinhilber.she published her design on: the crochet crowd and ravelry.all free pattern and video tutorial, you can find by clicking the link below!for more follow us on.

Hi, my dears. today i have for you an excellent crochet blanket. the lines all originate from the stitch right wave game. to make this afghan, i picked 4 of the 8 joins we learned in our pattern. all the video instructional exercises for each of those are included below, there are quite a few hugs and kisses crochet patterns available online. when i was asked earlier this week to do a lookup for one, i was very surprised by how many different patterns popped up! just in case you are searching for a specific hugs and kisses pattern, here are the ones i was able to find online. there are a number of beautiful designs by jeanne steinhilber included in this ....

** i have created a facebook group for lovers of the hugs & kisses collection. please join me at crochet hugs & kisses blanket and just answer a couple questions.

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