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Fire-blanket-use-instructions, how to use a fire blanket. 1. evaluate your safety. stop and evaluate the situation. make sure no one is in immediate danger. if you cannot safely approach the fire to place the blanket over it, evacuate immediately and call 9-1-1.. Roll the corners of the blanket over your hands before gently placing it over the flames for a minimum of fifteen minutes. never reuse a blanket — when the fire is out, douse the blanket with water, then dispose of it., how to use a fire blanket. fire blankets are nonflammable safety items that can fight temperatures up to . they smother small fires by not allowing any oxygen in to fuel the flames. due to its simplicity, a fire blanket may be more helpful....

Following this, we will explain how to correctly use a fire blanket, although it may be very easy to use and usefuk to stop any fire type, a bad use of fire blankets could put into risk the user’s safety as well as its surroundings., an important part of fire fighting is to know the type of fire and the source of the flames. a fire blanket is designed to address specific types of fires that produce large flames and are difficult to extinguish..

Place the blanket gently over the pan/container to smother the fire leave the pan to cool completely – do not attempt to uncover until it is completely cool if the oil pan fire is too big to tackle evacuate the building imedieately and call the emergency services (999)., a video showing how and when to use fire blankets by fire and safety centre. our website has your fire and safety needs covered: https://www.fireandsafetycen.... No its not as simple as it seems. please watch this video for useful tips on hot to extinguish one of the most common fires in the uk. this knowledge can sav..., fire blankets are made of fire-resistant materials. normally sited in commercial or home kitchens, they are ideal for smothering fires that have arisen from fat or oil or for wrapping around a person whose clothing is on fire..

Fire safety is crucial in any working environment. educating your employees about how to use a fire blanket is just as important as regular equipment testing and maintenance.accessible, functional fire protection equipment is a standard requirement in every australian workplace.

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