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Electric-blanket-controller-repair, at least 25 million americans use electric blankets each year, estimates the electric blanket institute, a consumer guide. electric blankets warm the bed through wires than run through the blanket.. An electric blanket is a comfortable help in cold weather. the blanket has wires on the inside that heat up when the electricity is turned on. its temperature is controlled by a thermostat found in the blanket's control pad. repairs are needed when connections come loose, or when the heating wire breaks., i think you'll find the burned resistor is in series with the brown film capacitor to its right. if the inverter output is a square wave (so -called modified sine wave) the peak current in the capacitor will be much higher than when operating off utility power..

Recently my mum's electric blanket stopped working. fortunately it is the type with plug in controllers and as it was a double blanket i was able to swap the other controller into the side my mum uses while i looked for a replacement or tried to repair the current one., a wide variety of electric blanket controllers. Loose connection of the switch

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