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Electric-blanket-controller-blinking, sir sparks : this flashing light is designed to notify you in the event that a problem has been discovered by flashing the light on the control. follow instructions on the flag tag to reset control. first, check the warming product for visual damage.. It’s time for a new blanket. the blinking light indicates an open circuit, most likely caused by a broken wire inside the blanket. these wires are not suited for constant flexing which happens when you try to wash them. so the proper step now is to trash the blanket and get a new one., the first thing i suggest is taking the blanket to another room and plugging it in to see if it still is blinking. this will show if the blanket or the outletis the problem. let me know the results. ask your own electrical question.

A wide variety of electric blanket controllers, this is the worst electric blanket there ever. this is my second blanket i bought of this brand and again the controller light is blinking and there is no way to fix it other than trashing it. do not ever buy this brand. both blankets have only been used for less than 2 months and the controller light started blinking..

To reset your sunbeam electric blanket, follow these steps. first, unplug the blanket from the outlet. second, check that the control is properly connected to the module. if it is, plug the power cord of your blanket back into the outlet and turn the blanket "on.", gradient controls and warming throw controls use a blinking indicator light for this purpose. follow the instructions on the flag tag to reset the control or follow the steps below. unplug the system from wall outlet. check that the control is well connected to the module..

Check for flashing lights on sunbeam easyset, primestyle, primestyle ao or elitestyle control models. on these models only, flashing lights indicate that there is a safety problem. re-set the controls by following the directions on your model's tag, which is located at the bottom of the blanket to the right of the electric module., i have a sunbeam that i bought back in 2008 used it one season packed it away and didn't use again until this winter. worked for a couple of weeks and now have blinking light on one side of blanket. the other side varies in its temperature control will be burning hot and then not barely even wa.

Your sunbeam® warming product is designed to provide the appropriate heat to help maintain your body's own warmth and to keep you comfortable.

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